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Admissions Hotline:

(505) 210-3663

2 Year Olds through 8th Grade

How to Apply

Christ Lutheran School’s professional and caring staff works diligently to ensure the admissions process runs smoothly.  Our team is here to assist you all along the way, responding quickly to any questions you may have. Here’s how it works:

  1. Schedule an Educational Success Consultation with us.

    What is an Educational Success Consultation?  It’s simply a conversation.  We make our free Educational Success Consultations available to any family, enrolling here or not, because our ministry as educators doesn’t stop at the walls of our school. Whether it’s simply for help with study habits or offer professional advice based on our decades of experience with thousands of kids, set your appointment today. As you know, making good educational choices is one of the most important roles we have as parents. During this consultation, you will also have the opportunity to tour the school and ask as many questions as needed to feel confident that Christ Lutheran School has what your family is seeking.

  2. Engage in an opportunity for your child to shadow a Christ Lutheran student and get a feel for what a day in the life of an CLS student looks like. (Optional)
  3. Complete a few simple forms and submit a registration fee.
  4. Schedule a learning check-up. This simple evaluation will ensure that your child is placed in a learning environment that best fits his/her academic needs.
  5. Apply for financial aid, if applicable.
  6. Submit a transcrip release form to your former school allowing records to be received by CLS.
  7. That's it!

Ready to schedule an Educational Success Consultation? Click here or call (505) 210-3663.