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Mark von Soosten

Principal - I am a product of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod's educational system.  I attended four different Lutheran elementary schools in three different states (Missouri, Maryland, and California), Lutheran High School North in St. Louis, Missouri (Go Cardinals!), and Concordia University (way back when it was Concordia Teachers College).  I have taught at five Lutheran schools in five different states (Missouri, Kansas, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico).  With the exception of my freshman year of college at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) and getting my Masters degree in Administration at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas, I have been exclusively at Lutheran schools as a student or teacher for almost my whole life.  That's sixteen years as a student and thirty-five years as a teacher, principal, coach, administrative assistant, athletic director, audio-visual director, bus driver, and extended care director and worker.  I even worked one summer as assistant janitor.  Makes me tired just writing all of it.

Teaching at a Lutheran school was not what I thought I was going to grow up to do.  I wanted to become an engineer like my dad, unless I made it as a professional baseball player (Go Cardinals!).  God had a different plan for me.  In order to convince me I wasn't going to be a baseball player He created curve balls, which I couldn't hit.  To convince me I wasn't going to be an engineer, He created calculus, which I could only do with great effort.  Just in case I wasn't listening He put me in calculus at 7:30 in the morning with a professor with such a thick German accent I could only understand about half of what he said.

While I was barely surviving calculus one of my high school friends told me that he was going to transfer from UMSL to Concordia Teachers College in Seward, NE, a place I had barely heard of and had not been interested in attending.  With baseball and engineering not looking terribly promising it was time to consider something else.  That's how I ended up becoming a Lutheran Church Worker.  Despite all of my plans and dreams God knew exactly where I needed to be and what I was supposed to be doing.  I'm glad He closed those other doors and steered me in the right direction.  I can't imagine doing anything else.

In case you didn't notice I am a die-hard Cardinals fan, and when not rooting for them I cheer for the Missouri Tigers and the Denver Broncos.  I like to read and play golf.  I don't drink coffee so I drink diet Mountain Dew for my caffeine instead.