Neal Groeling

Pastor at Christ Lutheran

There is little in life more rewarding than watching “the wheels turn” in someone’s mind though the learning process, or witnessing the “light come on” when a student finally understands the subject matter. Teaching people, both youth and adults is a great honor and a pleasure. Teaching them the Holy Scriptures and the love of Jesus Christ is a passion! I haved served in the ordained ministry of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, for over 28 years. I graduated with an undergraduate degree from Concordia Teacher’s College(now Concordia University) in Seward, Nebraska, in 1983, and Concordia Seminary (Saint Louis, Missouri) in 1987 with a Master’s of Divinity. I have served congregations in Anchorage, Alaska (vicarage), Chesterfield, Missouri (field-work), Bovey, Minnesota (“Home of the Picture Grace”), Wyandotte, Michigan (“The Heart of Downriver”), Woodland Park, Colorado (the “City above the Clouds”), and now Albuquerque, New Mexico (I love Red and Green!). In each place, I have witnessed the impact of the Gospel in the lives of God’s people. I have celebrated and mourned, and have been humbled by the overwhelming work of the Holy Spirit through the Word and through the Sacraments. Here at Christ Lutheran, your children are free to explore their faith, ask their questions, and search for the answers. I respect the variety of religious (and non-religious) backgrounds from which our students come, helping them to understand what it means to be a believer, and facilitating their growth in the knowledge of what it means to put Christian faith into practice in their daily lives. I believe teaching the faith is more than “memory work.” It is all about shaping lives and hearts to help their faith become Real, Relevant and Relational. It is about preparing them to live and walk in their faith wherever God leads them in life. To God Be the Glory!


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