Mature, Godly leadership is a lifestyle and not isolated to the classroom or within the walls of education. At Christ Lutheran School we train students to apply leadership skills to all areas of their lives. This includes the athletic arena.

It is our privilege to offer an athletic program at Christ Lutheran School that is committed to training athletes both spiritually and physically. The goal of our athletic program is to train our children to glorify God as Christian athletes. We desire to glorify God through words and actions in all situations faced.

To assist in reaching our spiritual goal, a character building curriculum titled G.L.O.R.I.F.Y. (Godly Lessons On Reflecting Integrity For Youth) is implemented by each coach. This curriculum uses real life stories to teach our athletes about character traits that will help in glorifying God in all areas of their lives.

The goals of our G.L.O.R.I.F.Y. curriculum are clear: to train Godly character in student athletes, to remind coaches and parents of Christian character from the sidelines and to prepare our athletes to be witnesses in our league by showing excellent sportsmanship and positive Christian conduct.

Christ Lutheran School’s athletic program relies on wonderful staff and parent volunteers to challenge students physically by teaching them age-appropriate skills for the sport in which they are participating as well as a work ethic that is pleasing to Christ.

Golf, volleyball, cross country, basketball and track & field are offered for students in grades 4-8. CLS Athletics is an exciting part of our school, and we encourage our parents to get involved through volunteering and registering their students.