Arguably, Kindergarten is one of the most formative years a student will ever spend in school. A developmentally-appropriate, fundamentally solid program that also teaches a love for learning makes all future education come more naturally. Christ Lutheran teachers are caring individuals and talented professionals who desire for each child to be successful as they enter their first years of school. The goal of our private Kindergarten program in Albuquerque is to educate the whole child by providing the spiritual, mental, social and physical aspects necessary for a well-rounded and fruitful education.

Flexible grouping and small class sizes allow Christ Lutheran Kindergarteners to receive the individualized instruction needed for each unique child. With a teacher’s aide in the Kindergarten classroom, the teacher to student ratio is approximately 11:1.

More than any other private kindergarten program in the Albuquerque area, Christ Lutheran School places a strong emphasis on building a solid phonetic base for Kindergarteners, the key to students becoming strong readers more quickly.

Some parents struggle to decide whether their child is ready for Kindergarten, or whether another year in preschool might be the right decision. Others find it difficult to choose whether to enroll their academically advanced child early. We partner with parents through Educational Success Consultations and testing to be sure the decision is made that best equips the child for success in all future learning.

The decision about where you child will attend school is vitally important to your child’s future. Call us at (505) 884-3876 to explore the difference Christ Lutheran School can make as we partner with you to help your child achieve their full, God-given potential.


Lishelle Burmeister

Kindergarten Teacher