Christ Lutheran Parent-Student Handbook


Dear Parents,


The faculty and staff of Christ Lutheran School extend a warm welcome to all children and their families.  This handbook has been prepared to assist you in understanding our programs and policies. Please read it carefully because it is our contract with you.  Upon registration of your child(ren) it is understood that you agree to abide by all policies and guidelines herein.  Please save this handbook and refer to it whenever you have questions.  It is our desire to maintain open communication with all parents.  Contact your child’s teacher when you have questions. You may also contact our principal. Our phone number is 884-3876.


Vision Statement

Every student who graduates from Christ Lutheran School will be academically prepared and spiritually transformed to engage the world with Jesus Christ


School Mission Statement

Our Mission at Christ Lutheran School is to reach out with the Gospel message and minister to families so that children and their families become Disciples of Christ.



In response to God’s love for us and to His command to make disciples of all people, (Matthew 28:19-20), our philosophy at Christ Lutheran School is that each child in our care will mature as a Christian person with an active and saving relationship with Jesus Christ.  We want each child to develop a responsible and sensitive understanding of God’s creation, self, and other people.  To this end, each student will be taught the Christian faith in an atmosphere that conveys his or her value as a loved and redeemed child of God, and will be nurtured in his/her growth as a Christian person.  Each student will be fully prepared academically in all subject areas for service to God within his or her home, vocation, community and congregation.  Our intent is to act as an extension of the home, ministering to the family and working together with them to instruct in God’s Word, proclaim the Gospel, promote Christ-like values, and in all ways help children to develop into capable, mature, and responsible followers of Christ.



Christ Lutheran School’s goal is to provide an educational setting where children have the opportunity to grow in their relationship to God, their fellow man, and themselves.  The following objectives are designed to meet this goal based on the belief that through the Word and the Holy Spirit children will:


Develop a knowledge of the Triune God and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their personal Savior from sin.

Develop a growing knowledge of the Scriptures as the Word of Life and a desire to gain the blessings of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

Develop a caring and sharing attitude of witness toward others, both in our community and throughout the world.

Develop an understanding of their emotions by finding security and a true picture of themselves through a reliance on God as Father.

Develop the attitude that all people are God’s special creation and therefore develop a respect for the rights and welfare of others.

Develop the social skills needed to live competently and cooperatively and resist the pervasive temptations of a sinful world.

Develop logical, scientific and creative thinking habits, and sound reading, mathematical, scientific and communication skills.

Develop an understanding of his/her physical body and accept responsibility for its health, safety, and recreation.




Christ Lutheran School is accredited by National Lutheran School Accreditation and the New Mexico Public Education Department.  All teachers have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and have, or are in the process of obtaining, a New Mexico state teacher’s license.



Christ Lutheran School is owned and operated by Christ Lutheran Church and is governed by the Board of Christian Education, hereafter referred to as the “Board”.  Questions regarding policies may be directed to your child’s teacher or the principal.



Non-Discrimination Statement:  Christ Lutheran School admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school.  It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship programs, and athletic or other school-administered programs.


Enrollment Procedure:  All students must be enrolled every year.  A registration fee must accompany a student’s registration form for it to be processed.  Current student re-enrollment for the next school year usually begins in December.  Current students are guaranteed a spot for the next year if they are re-enrolled by the Early Bird Registration cut-off date. The registration fee is reduced if paid before February 15th of the current school year. After classes are filled to capacity, waiting lists will be developed.  Waiting lists are not carried over from one school year to the next.  Capacity in Kindergarten through third grade is 22 students.  Above third grade classes may expand to 25 students at the discretion of the principal.


All transferring K-8 students and their parents will attend an interview with the principal.  New students may also be assessed to determine their academic level to ensure proper grade placement.  Placement of transfer students will be on a temporary basis until the principal can examine transcripts and other records from their previous school.  The student must be educable using our regular instruction program, as determined by the principal and teachers.  Christ Lutheran School is not equipped to accommodate those students who demonstrate severe academic or behavioral deficiencies.  We will recommend specialized testing where academic delays may be caused by specific learning disabilities or behavioral difficulties and we will assist in referrals for alternate school placement where necessary.  If a student needs significant modifications, the modifications must be in writing and whether or not a student can return the next year will be determined by the Principal.


All parents and students must agree to the policies of the school as written in this Parent-Student handbook.  Parents’ payment of the registration fee confirms acceptance of the policies as written in this handbook.


Immunization requirements:  State law requires that a certificate of immunization (obtained from a doctor or health clinic) must be provided for the child prior to the beginning of each school year.  ALL IMMUNIZATIONS must be current or the student will not be allowed to attend school. Students entering Christ Lutheran School are required to have current immunizations, DPT/TD, Polio, Rubella, Measles, varicella (chickenpox), Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B.


Minimum Ages:  Children must be two years old to be admitted to preschool.  They must be five years old by September 1 to be admitted to Kindergarten.  Under-age children will not be admitted to Christ Lutheran School, unless evaluated and it is determined that they are completely ready for the next grade level.


Forms:  In order to complete the enrollment process, all forms must be completed online and submitted prior to the first day of school.  The Online Application is available from the website, www.clsabq.com.  Online Enrollment Packets are available through the Parent Portal at www.factsmgt.com.  Athletic, Photo, and Band Contract forms are available from the school secretary and will also be distributed by the teachers either at the home visit, or during the 7/8th grade lock-in.

If you move, or if any information changes, you must notify the school office at once.  It is extremely important that accurate information is available to school staff at all times so that parents/guardians can be reached in case of emergency. This ensures your child’s safety.



As a part of the registration process, parents or guardians are required to register with FACTS Financial Management (factsmgt.com), and schedule automatic payments for their tuition payments. Any exceptions to the automatic payments must be approved by the Principal or Pastor.

The tuition and fees charged by Christ Lutheran School are used to pay for the expenses of educating our students. This includes but is not limited to staff salaries, utilities, supplies, and other expenses. As a non-profit Christian organization, we do not have surplus funds to pay these ongoing expenses if tuition and fees are not paid on a timely basis. The Board of Christian Education has established these financial policies to ensure that we can carry out our mission of providing a Christian education for each of our students and that this mission is not hampered by delinquent payments. At the same time, Christ Lutheran wishes to work in a Christian manner with those parents or guardians experiencing actual financial difficulty and has established procedures to be followed if this situation should arise.

Tuition and fees are separate charges; payment of one is not applied to the other.  Amounts are listed in the Enrollment Agreement and Tuition Contract which is provided to each parent/guardian and must be signed and returned to the school office before a student is accepted to Christ Lutheran School.  Registration deposits are fees that must be paid to reserve a spot in a classroom for each child.  This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.  Fees apply to all students, new and returning.  Re-enrollment of students with outstanding or unpaid tuition or fees from a previous year will not be allowed until the delinquent amounts have been paid in full.

Payment for the annual tuition in advance is welcomed and encouraged, it is due by August 5th of each school year through FACTS.

Christ Lutheran recognizes that paying for the entire year in advance is not always possible. If you are not able to pay the full year of tuition in advance, Christ Lutheran has established 2 choices for payments.

Semi-Annual payments, the 1st half due August 5th or 20th and the 2nd half due January 5th or 20th


10 equal monthly payments beginning August 5th or 20th and ending in May.

If your choice is a payment plan we require your school financial account setup for automatic payments through FACTS (factsmgt.com). Automatic payments have no processing fees when using a Checking of Savings Account. If a Credit or Debit Card is used there may be a processing fee up to 2.85% of the payment associated with it. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure there is sufficient funds or available credit for these payments to be made.

Withdrawal Notice: Should you decide to withdraw your child from Christ Lutheran School a written notice must be given along with the reason.  If written notice AND last day of attendance is the 1st of the month to the 15th of the month, you will be charged 1/20th of your full tuition (1/2 Month) for this month.  If written notice AND last day of attendance is the 16th to the last day of the month then you will be charged for this full month.  There is not daily prorations for attendance.

If you withdraw from school prior to school starting no monies are due and a refund of monies paid for the new school year would be refunded after applied toward any possible past monies due from prior years.  The tech fee and registration NOT refundable regardless if school has started or not

If payment is not made within twenty days of your scheduled payment date a late fee of $25 will be assessed. Families that fall 60 days behind in payments may be required to attend the next regularly scheduled Board meeting to explain the circumstances that have caused them to become delinquent. At that meeting a plan for payment of all late tuition, fees, and late fees will be made. Failure to follow that plan, or failure to attend that meeting, may result in disenrollment of the child(ren) of that family from Christ Lutheran School until payment is made.

Any check or scheduled payment that is returned by the bank for insufficient funds or lack of available credit will incur a service charge of $25. The full year’s tuition and fees must be paid by the end of the school year. Report cards, transcripts, and other school records will not be released until payment is received in full for any outstanding balances. Re-enrollment for the next school year will be denied until payment in full is received.

Neither the principal nor other staff is allowed to waive or delay payments of tuition or fees, including late fees.  A parent/guardian wishing consideration of this sort must make a request in writing to the Christ Lutheran Board of Christian Education.


Christ Lutheran Church and School honors Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA).


Parents/guardians who have limited financial resources or who encounter financial hardship are encouraged to apply for financial aid. For more information about financial aid through FACTS, please pick up a brochure in the school office.  No full tuition scholarships are awarded.


Parents/guardians agrees to pay all charges incurred for damage due (but not limited) to vandalism or misuse of equipment, books, facilities and school property in which your student is involved. In addition, should any account become delinquent, the amount owed will be increased by the amount of the collection charge payable to “CLC-S”. The amount owed will be subject to agency/attorney fees which may be required for collection.


Parents/guardians understand that from time to time there may be additional fees assessed in connection with the school’s educational program as determined by Christ Lutheran or extra-curricular activities and field trips, and parents/guardian agree to pay these fees.



School closings and delays due to weather or for other reasons will be announced on television channels 4, 7, and 13.  A message will also be sent to you through RenWeb. Notice of changes to our regular school day schedule due to weather will usually be made by 7:00 am. Delays and 30 will be based on general road conditions within Albuquerque. Parents will also need to use their best judgment regarding road conditions in their particular area. Please check the local television stations and your email before calling the school.

If school is delayed two hours extended care will also be delayed two hours (start at 9:00 rather than 7:00).  School will start at 10:30 am and end at 3:30 pm.  Half-day preschool classes will meet on days when there is a two-hour delay. The half-day preschool will start at 10:30 am and end at 12:30 PM.  There will be no extended care if school is cancelled due to weather or for any other unscheduled reason.

If school is delayed, hot lunch orders for that day must still be called in by 9:00 am. You will be responsible for calling the school office to order your child’s lunch for that day.



Preschool:  8:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Pre-Kindergarten and Full Day Preschool:  8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Mid and Elementary School:  8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Arriving on time for the start of school is important to the child’s education, the continuity of classroom operations, and the child’s feeling of self-esteem.  Parents should make every effort to have their child arrive at school on time.

Notice from the parent will be needed if someone else is picking up your child at the end of the day.


Please do not park your car at the curb and leave it. This disrupts traffic flow and creates dangerous blind spots from which children may emerge unexpectedly.  All parents must park their cars and either come get their child(ren) or have their child(ren) walk to the car using the crosswalk.  Parents should set a good example by using the crosswalks at all times.


Parents of Kindergarten and preschool children must sign their child in and out of the classroom each day.  We ask that upon arriving at the school, you walk your young child to his/her classroom. Students should not be brought to school before 8:15 AM, and must be picked up at 3:30 PM.  If a child arrives before 8:15 AM or is left beyond 3:40 PM, with no other arrangements made, the child will be checked into extended care. A late pick up charge of $5 per 5 minutes will be assessed for all children left in extended care after 6:00 PM. *See extended care information.


Children will be allowed to play on the playground with parent supervision until 4:00 pm. The time period after 4:00 PM is reserved for use of the extended care program.


If present before or after school, children must remain with parents.   Parents who need to talk to someone or conduct business should check their children into extended care or keep their children with them at all times.


The principal, teachers, and other staff are required to enforce this policy.  When any staff member sees an unsupervised child(ren) they will be told to go with their parents.  If parents are not available, the child(ren) will be checked into extended care.  Parents who are on site may be asked to supervise their children more closely if necessary.  Check with your child’s teacher for specific procedures for that class.



Regular attendance is essential if a student is to take full advantage of the educational opportunities the school provides.  Regular attendance develops reliability, dependability and responsibility in the students and contributes to his or her academic and spiritual growth.


At no time during the daily session are students allowed to leave the school grounds, except by previous arrangement for unavoidable circumstances, and must be accompanied by a parent or a designated person. If at all possible, parents should schedule appointments outside of school hours.  Only medical, dental, or therapy appointments maybe necessary to schedule during the school day, and a note will need to be brought in to the school office for your student’s file.


Tardies: Arriving on time for the start of school is important to the child’s education and the continuity of classroom operations.  Students who are continuously tardy are a disruption to the classroom, which effects all student learning.  Parents should make every effort to have their child arrive at school on time.  Any child who is not in the classroom at 8:30 a.m. is considered tardy.  ALL tardy students must check in with the school office upon arrival.   It is the responsibility of the tardy student to notify the school office by 9:00 am if they will need a hot lunch.


Absences: The student attendance policy allows a maximum of five (5) days absent per quarter.  Three tardies are equal to one absence.  A student who arrives after 10:00 a.m. or leaves before 1:30 p.m. will receive credit for a half-day’s attendance. Teachers should be notified of appointments (doctor, dentist, court summons, speech therapy, etc.)  A letter will notify the parent/guardian when a student has missed five (5) days of school in a quarter.


Absences longer than one (1) day (other than those caused by illness) must be discussed in advance by the principal. You are strongly encouraged to plan vacations during the summer or scheduled school breaks, not when school is in session.


Procedure for Reporting Absence: It is essential that we closely monitor all children under our care; therefore a parent/guardian is expected to call or send a message through email or by phone to the school by 9:00 am if their child will be absent.  The school will attempt to contact the home if the parent/guardian has not reported the absence.


Make up Work: Requests for make-up work should be made as soon as possible to allow teachers sufficient time to gather all work. Make up work is to be completed at home within the number of days equal to the child’s absence.  Occasionally it may be necessary for a student to stay after school to make up work.  In-class work is not always possible to make up and may result in a zero. Make up work is at the discretion of the teacher for non-medical absences.


Excessive Absences: If the teacher and principal deem that a parent/guardian is allowing excessive or unreasonable absences, the principal will require written proof, i.e., doctor’s/dentist’s note, court summons, etc. in order for the absences to be explained.   After five (5) absences in one quarter a letter will be sent to notify parents. For the purposes of this policy 3 tardies count as one absence. After ten (10) accumulated absences during the school year, a parent/guardian conference will be scheduled with the principal.  The principal, classroom teacher, and school board will review the academic progress of any student with a total of twenty (20) accumulated absences during the school year to determine eligibility for promotion to the next grade.  Extreme excessive absences may result in either not being allowed to register for the next school year, or a report to ECECD of child neglect.



In seeking a God-pleasing solution to conflicts at Christ Lutheran School, we try to follow the practice given to us in Matthew 18:15-17. “If your brother sins against you, go and show him his fault, just between the two of you.  If he listens to you, you have won your brother over.  But if he will not listen, take one or two others along, so that every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.  If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church”. Therefore if a parent has a complaint or concern it should first be directed to the teacher in the form of a conference.  If no solution is reached, the problem should be directed to the principal, along with the teacher in the form of a conference.  If the problem cannot be settled, it should be directed to the pastor and the Board of Christian Education, whose decision will be final.






First through Eighth Grade:


Grades will be given in the following subject areas:

*Religion              *Memory work       *Spelling        Physical Education (PE)

*Reading/Literature   *Mathematics         *English       *Social Studies

*Science                  Computer               Art                Music

Spanish                  Vocabulary


Fifth grade through eighth grade:

Honor roll – 90% average – no grade lower than a B-.

High Honor roll – 95% average – no grade lower than an  A-.


Subjects marked with * are averaged towards honor roll.


Beginning with the third quarter of first grade and extending through the eighth grade, the above subject areas will receive a letter grade according to the following scale:

98 – 100%     A+                93 – 97%      A                  90 – 92%      A-

88 – 89%      B+                83 – 87%      B                  80 – 82%      B-

78 – 79%      C+                73 – 77%      C                  70 – 72%      C-

68 – 69%      D+               63 – 67%      D                  60 – 62%      D-

Below 60%    F


Marks of outstanding (O), satisfactory (S), needs improvement (N), and shows improvement (+) may be given in the following areas:


Practices self-control                     Works independently       Assumes responsibility

Shows self-confidence                   Follows directions  Works cooperatively

Prepares work neatly                     Listens in Class      Participates in discussion

Completes assignments on time   Utilizes class time

Shows love and concern for others         Respects the rights of others


The decision to retain a student in the current grade or to pass the student on to the next grade depends on many factors. Not only do we look at the student’s grades, but we also look at performance on achievement tests and other types of testing, the student’s maturity level and age, the attendance record, the student’s study and work habits and the support system the student has at home.  Each of these factors is important in determining whether the student is ready to move on to the next grade.  The final determination on the student’s readiness to advance is made by the principal after consultation with the teacher and parents.



All requests for recommendations for children to other schools or programs, need to be discussed in person with the teacher who is being asked to provide the recommendation.  This will allow better communication between both the parents and the teachers and give both an opportunity to discuss concerns.


Middle School Supplement


6-8 Disciplinary System: When dealing with students who disrupt the classroom, campus, or consistently break rules, the following steps (as necessary) will be followed.


The teacher responds to the situation/behavior with the student(s)

Certain group behaviors will be restricted in all classrooms (example: bottle flipping) at the teachers requests.

After continuous repeated behavior, the teacher will contact parents/guardians and make them aware of the situation and consequences.

The teacher meets with the parents/guardians and student to discuss the situation.

The teacher refers the student to the principal for a private conference.

The principal will conduct a conference with the parents/guardians, student and teacher.

Any accelerated action or behavior will be dealt with by the principal immediately followed by the Board of Christian Education if necessary. For information regarding suspension and expulsion, refer to that specific section heading located in the handbook.


6-8 Late Work Policy: Students who have 3 or more missing assignments from any one of their classes will be required to do the following:

Spend their lunch/recess time in a classroom to work on their missing work.

Have the attending lunch/recess teacher sign the missing assignment report before they may be allowed to go outside the following day.


6-8 Grading policy: Students are expected to turn in assignments on time, completed to the best of their ability. The grading system for Middle School is as follows:


Letter Grading System

100 – 98        A+                                    79 – 77         C+

97 – 93         A                                      76 – 73         C

92 – 90         A-                                     72 – 70         C-

89 – 87         B+                                    69 – 67         D+

86 – 83         B                                      66 – 63         D

82 – 80         B-                                     62 – 60         D-

59 – below    F

Late Work

Take a 10% penalty off the first day an assignment is late and 5% taken off each consecutive day after the assignment was due.

Late assignments will only be accepted for grading within two calendar weeks from the due date (the only exception is absences).

In the grade book, the assignment will be entered as a zero until it is turned in.



The student is responsible to turn in any assignments given during an absence within a week of coming back to school.

After a week has passed, the grade will be considered late and will be entered in the grade book as such. (Refer to late work under 6-8 Grading policy)


Assignment Corrections

Students have the opportunity to make corrections and learn from mistakes when their individual assignment grades are 72% or lower.

Corrected assignment will receive half credit back on the correct answers given.

Incorrect redo answers will not receive half credit back.

Assignment corrections need to be turned within two calendar weeks (no exceptions).

No Name Policy: Missing names on assignments will be addressed by individual teachers.




The school’s exterior doors will remain locked during the school day.  Parents are encouraged to visit the classroom, but must make prior arrangements with the teacher.  Visitors must stop in at the school office, sign in, and be escorted to any classroom/bathroom.



Parents will be notified as soon as possible in case of illness or accident.  Because there is no school nurse on duty, the child must be picked up promptly. Children who are ill should not be in school.


An emergency form is required for each student. Your child’s teacher will keep this form for quick reference.  It is important that you keep the information up to date, especially telephone numbers where you may be reached during the school day and the list of who is allowed to pick up your child.


Fire/lockdown drills will be held monthly/quarterly, with specific guidelines for such drills clearly explained to all students. Emergency exit maps and other relevant information are posted throughout the school. If a lockdown would be needed, the school will be locked and no one can enter until we get an all clear from the police department. You will be able to call the school and a call will be returned to you as soon as possible. Our first priority will be to the children. Once they are safe we will start returning phone calls.



Your child’s health and safety are important to all of us.  All staff is informed of safety rules, special hazards, and commonly occurring accidents.  They have received detailed instruction on evacuation procedures and reporting an accident.  Teachers have received training in first aid and CPR, but are not qualified medical personnel.


Accident Reports: A written accident report will be completed by the staff person on duty for each accident, except minor scratches, bumps, and abrasions. The report shall be completed as soon as possible following the accident and not later than the same day.  The original report shall be filed at school and one copy will be given to the parents.


Medication:  The administration of medication during school hours by designated school personnel will be permitted only when a Medication Form has been completed.  Forms are available from your child’s teacher or the school office.  NO MEDICATION, including any kind of aspirin product or cough drops will be dispensed without the Medication Form.  An adult must give all medication to the teacher or school office. The prescription number, medication identification, dosage, and dosage frequency should be listed on the original container.


Communicable Diseases: Communicable diseases must be reported to the school office immediately.  Before a child may return to school following a communicable disease a medical release form must be submitted.  The following are considered communicable diseases: Chicken pox, German measles, Red measles, Mumps, Streptococcal infection (Strep throat, Scarlet fever), Whooping cough, Influenza, Pinworms and Pinkeye.  In addition, notify the school immediately if your child has head lice. Children should not be at school if they have a fever and should not return to school until 24 hours after their fever has broken.


Emergency Preparedness Plan:

In the event of an emergency requiring evacuation of all students from the Christ Lutheran Church and School grounds the following procedures would be followed:


Each teacher will obtain an accurate count of students in his/her care. Teachers will bring emergency cards for all children in their class and any available cell   phones. Teachers will have children exit the buildings in an orderly fashion to the school parking lot.  In the parking lot, teachers will conduct a second count of the children. The children will then be escorted to the Sandia High School cafeteria. The teachers will then begin to contact parents and other emergency contacts on children’s emergency cards. Teachers will stay with children until they have been released to a parent or other appropriate adult. For more information about Christ Lutheran’s Disaster Preparedness plan, you may request a copy from the school office.


Sick Child Procedure:  If a child becomes ill or injured during school or extended care parents/guardians will be contacted to pick up the child.  If parents cannot be reached other designated contacts on the child’s emergency card will be called.  In emergencies, when parents and other contacts cannot be reached, the principal or director will decide what medical attention, if any, is appropriate.


Child Abuse Reports: In accordance with New Mexico law, the school staff is obligated under penalty of fine and jail term to report the reasonable suspicion of physical abuse, emotional deprivation, physical neglect, inadequate supervision, or sexual abuse and exploitation.  The clear intent of the law is to mandate a report of reasonable suspicion of abuse.  School staff will make such reports in the best interests of the affected child, and do not, once reasonable suspicion is established, have any legal alternative except to make the report to the proper authorities for investigation and review.


Video Surveillance: Video cameras may be on throughout the campus.  They are for administration purposes only.  The equipment and recordings are the property of Christ Lutheran Church and school and are only viewed by CLC&S authorized personnel.



Good stewardship requires that we take care of the gifts and materials that God has given us.  Children and their parents will be held responsible for all damage to and loss of books, materials, and church or school property.  The principal will inform parents of the situation and what restitution and/or other consequence will apply.



In accordance with the Amended Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, Christ Lutheran School hereby gives public notice that the following will be true for all parents and students:

  1. Christ Lutheran School maintains the following records directly related to students:
  2. Academic records.
  3. Personal information records.
  4. Disciplinary records.
  5. Attendance records.
  6. Health records.
  7. Progress records.
  8. Standardized testing
  9. Access to records is limited to the following during regular school hours in the school office:
  10. Parents of students.
  11. Students.
  12. Officials of the public school district who have a legitimate education interest.
  13. State and local officials to whom information is required to be reported.
  14. Certain testing organizations.
  15. Accrediting organizations.
  16. Appropriate persons in connection with an emergency.
  17. Pursuant to subpoena or court orders.
  18. Any person with the written consent of the parent/guardian of students.
  19. A school or schools in which a student seeks or intends to enroll.
  20. Christ Lutheran School policy requires that education records be kept to an essential and relevant minimum. Records are reviewed at the end of each school year and non-essential or irrelevant material is purged.
  21. Christ Lutheran School policy limits the right of access to education records to the persons and under the circumstances indicated in section B above. CLS requires that copies be made available to persons entitled to copies at the cost of 25 cents per page.  CLS provides explanation and interpretation of records upon reasonable advance notice.  Some records, such as standardized test scores and other material of a technical nature, may only be reviewed with a person qualified to interpret or explain such material and records.  CLS provides the right to challenge the contents of records.  If records contain information on more than one student, the right to inspect relates only to that portion of the records concerning the particular student in question.


Student directory information may be released without prior consent unless the parent informs the school office within a reasonable period of time that any or all of the following information should not be released without prior consent.  Directory information includes:

  1. Student’s name and class attending. 4.  Telephone listing.
  2. Student’s address.           5.  Parent’s name.
  3. Parent or student email address.



Christ Lutheran School considers itself a partner with parents in ministering to child(ren).  Therefore we feel a need to stay in close communication with you about your child(ren) and about what is happening in school in general.  We will use the following to communicate with you:

Home Visits/Open House: During the summer teachers will visit the home of each student or invite him/her, and the parents, to a special “open house” at the school.

Orientation: Prior to the first day of school, we will have an orientation for all families enrolled in Christ Lutheran School.  It is very important that all families attend this orientation.

Parent Newsletter: This will be emailed weekly to keep parents informed of classroom and school activities.  Special Notices will be sent home with your child.  IT IS VITAL THAT YOU READ ALL MESSSAGES, NEWSLETTERS, NOTES AND OTHER COMMUNICATIONS INFORMING PARENTS OF VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING CHRIST LUTHERAN SCHOOL AND YOUR CHILD!

School and classroom information:  Will be sent home by the teacher.

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Conferences will be held after the first quarter for all students.  In addition, you may contact your child’s teacher or your child’s teacher may contact you to schedule a special conference.

Report Cards: Report cards will be issued four times a year at the end of each quarter.

Communication: Christ Lutheran Church and School has retained the services of FACTS SIS to develop and maintain a website for our school. The address for that site is Factsmgt.com. Our client ID is Chl-nm. This site contains important information about the school, your child’s classroom, assignments, your child’s grades.  RenWeb uses your regular email to communicate between parents and teachers.  It’s important that you register an account with FACTS so that you can receive emails. Our client ID is Chl-nm.  Parents should check their children’s grades frequently.  Login and password information will be made available when you register your child. Families that do not have internet access should meet with their child’s teacher to make arrangements for communicating grades, newsletters, and other important information.

Parent Texts­: Important reminders such as special events and school closures or delays will be texted to parents.

Classroom Visitation: Parents are welcome to visit classrooms.  Please make arrangements with the teacher before a visit is made.



We encourage parent participation in a variety of ways including, but not limited to, parent volunteers for classroom activities, field trips, special snack providers, etc.  Parents are encouraged to volunteer their time and talents to help all the children learn and grow.  We also offer family gatherings during the school year.  Parents are invited and encouraged to attend meetings of the Parent-Teacher-League.  The PTL will meet to conduct business.



The curriculum of Christ Lutheran School is designed to give a well-rounded, quality Christian education to each child.  Since the school years are important in the formulation of mental attitudes, moral philosophies, and social and emotional development, Christian concepts of everyday living are stressed.  The following areas will be addressed: Religion, Language Arts, Spanish, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Health, Technology, Physical Education and the Arts.



The Iowa Tests of Basic Skills standardized tests are given to students in grades 1-8 to identify strengths and weaknesses of the school program and the individual student.  The results help the school modify programs where necessary and give children guidance and assistance as indicated.  The tests are administered every spring.  Results will be shared with parents/guardians.



All classes open the school day with devotions. We meet together once a week in the church for Chapel.  Chapel is usually held on Wednesday morning at 8:45 a.m.  The children learn from experience how to conduct themselves in the House of God.  The chapel leader endeavors to emphasize some practical lesson in Christianity which the children can apply to their daily lives.  The children’s offering is directed to missions, charitable institutions, and other church-related organizations.  Parents, grandparents, and others are encouraged to attend.



Each class may take field trips to various places of educational value and interest.  These trips are part of the school curriculum, and all children are expected to participate.  There may be a charge for some trips.  Parents will be notified in advance of the date and place of the trip, and must provide a signed permission slip for their child to go on the trip.   Parents who drive for field trips must present and have on file in the school office current proof of insurance. Teachers need help on field trips with maintaining safety, as well as good and proper Christian conduct. We therefore urge adults supervising students on field trips to use their authority to help provide such conduct and safety. Agreement to chaperone means that the parent agrees to follow all policies and procedures set forth by Christ Lutheran School, as well as verbal and written directions given by the teacher. The teacher will have all emergency forms as well as a list of all cell phone numbers for the chaperones.  Current state law must be followed for car/booster seats. (Child must be 8 and weigh 60 pounds to use a regular seat belt.) Field trips are a special time for you and your child, please make other arrangements for siblings.  In addition, we will have visitors from various occupations visit our classrooms.  Parents are encouraged to share their special gifts with the class.



All students may bring a nutritious morning snack in their lunches.  Soda/Pop is not allowed as part of a lunch or snack. Snacks will only be allowed at certain times during the school day.  Please make sure your child has a good breakfast before school!  Hot lunch is available through Rhubarb and Elliott.  You will need to register an account with them and order lunches online at www.rhubarbandelliott.com.  A calendar will be provided to let you know the hot lunch menu.  Changes made to that calendar are out of our control. We will try to keep students and parents informed of any changes that are made by the hot lunch provider.



Christ Lutheran School participates in some activities to raise additional income to fund quality programs while keeping costs as low as possible for parents.  Please look for more information about these activities during the year.  All fund-raising participation is voluntary.  No promotions or fund-raising activities are allowed without approval of the principal.



“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” (Proverbs 22:6) Children are a gift from God; therefore, it is our privilege and responsibility as Christian parents and teachers to train them in the ways of their Heavenly Father.  Meeting this responsibility requires an adequate and consistent measure of Christian love and discipline.  The purpose of this policy is to support one another to benefit the children placed in our care.


Enrollment in Christ Lutheran School implies student and parent agreement with the principles and procedures outlined herein.


Children need a consistent plan to assist them in developing and practicing appropriate behavior. The ultimate goal is that each child develops self-discipline and responsibility guided by the Holy Spirit and God’s Word.

Christian discipline, as practiced at Christ Lutheran, recognizes that:

  1. Students need to clearly know the school’s guidelines and rules.
  2. Students need to know the consequences of not following those guidelines and rules.
  3. Each classroom will use a discipline plan that includes:
  4. Clear identification of the class and school guidelines and rules.
  5. Clear identification of rewards and consequences that will be  used in conjunction with these rules.
  6. Discipline addresses the behavior and choices students make.
  7. When inappropriate behavior or choices are made, the student is still loved, but the act has consequences. The students live under God’s love and forgiveness (Gospel), but must also accept consequences when they misbehave (Law).
  8. The discipline plan is another way the school is in partnership with parents for the benefit of the student. We encourage parents to set a good example, and to talk about discipline issues with their child.


Disciplinary System: When dealing with students who disrupt the classroom or campus, or consistently break rules, the following steps (as necessary) will be followed.

The teacher conducts a private conference with the child.

The teacher makes the parent(s) aware of the misbehavior and consequences that have been imposed.

  1. The teacher refers the student to the principal/director for a private conference.
  2. The teacher meets with the parents to discuss the situation.
  3. The principal/ director will conduct a conference with the parents and teacher.
  4. The student may be suspended by the principal/director.


Suspension:  The principal or director will suspend any student when, in his or her opinion, the best interests of the school and/or student would be served by such action.  Suspension will be used when other corrective measures have failed or a serious offense is committed.  A suspension may be on-campus or off-campus, and may be from one to five days.  In all cases, the parents or guardian will be notified of the conditions of the suspension.  A conference between student, parents, teacher, and principal or director will be held before the student is allowed to return to class. The following actions may result in suspension and/or expulsion.  These actions are unacceptable on-campus or at any off-campus event sponsored by the school.


Willful disobedience of school authorities.

Open and persistent defiance either in language or action, toward school authorities.

The use of profanity or vulgarities.

Possession, use, or being under the influence of narcotics, alcoholic beverages, or tobacco products.

Willfully defacing property, real or personal, belonging to the school or anyone else.

Carrying or using weapons or instruments designed to cause bodily harm.



Forging or using forged notes.

Repeated truancy.


Harassment or bullying of any kind.


Leaving campus without proper clearance.

Threatening oneself or others with physical harm.

Any type of physical attack or aggression.


Persistent lying.

Persistent cheating on homework, quizzes, and tests.


Expulsion:  Expulsion is used as a last resort when other discipline measures have failed or the seriousness of the offense is such that expulsion is called for. All guidelines used in the suspension procedures will also be used in expulsions.  The final decision to expel a student rests with the principal/director working with the Board and pastor.   Full credit shall be given for all work accomplished by the student prior to the time of expulsion.


School Rules: In addition to the following general school rules, and those set down in the suspension section above, more specific rules for the classroom, playground, lunch area, Parish hall, and during fire and lockdown drills will be distributed and explained to each child the first week of school.

Students may not leave the school grounds at any time during the school day without prior permission and must be accompanied by the proper adult.

Students are to be in their assigned eating and play areas during recess and lunch period.

Students are not allowed to be in the classroom at any time without permission of the teacher or assistant.

I-pods, cd players, and other personal electronic devices for listening to music are not permitted except at the discretion of the teacher. Sharing of music and personal video devices is not permitted.

Cell phones must remain in student backpacks or lockers and be turned off and out of sight during the entire school day or they will be confiscated.

Students are not to run, play, or make noise except in designated play areas.

Chewing gum is not allowed while on campus or at a school event except at the discretion of the teacher.

No toys are to be brought to school (except for show and tell days).

Students are not permitted to sell anything during school hours, aside from CLS sponsored sales.

Students will respect the teacher or other persons in charge.

Public Display of Affection…Kissing, hand holding and other overt displays of affection are unacceptable behavior while on campus or at school-sponsored events.



Students in the upper grades will have lockers for keeping books, school supplies, and other items.  Students may only use magnets to attach items to the inside of their lockers.  Nothing should be placed on the outside.  Only school supplied locks will be used on the lockers.  In order to ensure that items remain safe, students should keep their lockers locked when they are not in use.



The students of Christ Lutheran should give witness of their Christian faith and training in matters of dress and conduct.  We expect our students, under the guidance of their parents, to exercise good judgment in the clothing they wear and in their personal grooming.


Cleanliness, neatness, modesty, and common sense go a long way toward fulfilling dress expectations.  The following guidelines are suggested as a means to facilitate meeting our dress requirements:


Hair should be neat, clean and well groomed.  Students will avoid distracting or offensive hair styles.

Make-up is discouraged below seventh grade. In seventh and eighth grades, girls may use light, discreet, make-up.

Jewelry must be in good taste and may not promote negative, unchristian attitudes or be a distraction to the wearer of other students.

Bare feet, flip flops, clogs, sandals, crocs and open toed shoes are not permitted for safety            reasons.  Appropriate shoes must be worn for PE class.

The baggy “hip-hop” look (oversized pants, shorts, shirts) or anything imitating gang attire is not allowed. Clothing should fit the student wearing it.  If students need to pull up or hold on to their pants or shorts in order to walk or run, the clothing is not acceptable.

Inappropriate clothing includes cropped tops, bare midriffs, tube tops, miniskirts (unless worn over other clothing), muscle shirts, plain, white undershirts, spaghetti straps, and excessively worn, torn, patched, or faded clothing of any kind. Clothing with holes, shirts or tops that cover less than half the shoulder, any clothing that has edges that are not hemmed, that is too tight, that has a low neckline and clothing with stains are not acceptable.  When students sit down or bend over their skin and/or underwear should not be exposed.  Skirts, dresses, and shorts are too short when a student’s fingers reach past the bottom when the hands are held at their sides. In grades five through eight students should not wear tights, leggings, jeggings, or yoga pants unless they wear an article of clothing over them that covers the body past the hands when held at their sides when seated, standing, or bent over.  We feel that this will promote modesty and prevent clothing from being a distraction to others.

Printed clothing or clothing with pictures must be in good taste and may not promote            negative, unchristian attitudes or conflict with our school’s philosophy.  Clothing         advertising alcohol, tobacco products, drugs, skulls, or containing profane wording                                                                                                is not acceptable.

No hats may be worn in the classroom except at the discretion of the teacher.

Shorts may be worn only if they are neat, clean, and of appropriate length and fit. Certain styles are unacceptable such as cutoffs, tight fitting shorts or short shorts.(See #6 for a definition of how long shorts must be.)

The principal/director will decide the appropriateness of any dress code issue not                    addressed by the above.


Parents will be contacted and asked to bring a change of clothing if the above standards are not met. If anything is questionable, don’t wear it. Students may be required to wear school-supplied clothing over, or in place of, other clothing.  These guidelines cannot be so specific that interpretation is unnecessary.  We welcome parents’ opinions, but the principal/director will exercise final judgment in the application of the guidelines.  It is our desire that parents will work with the school in helping our children set good examples in their dress and behavior.





The following is a list of playground rules. Please be sure to go over these rules with your child(ren).


Playground rules

The following is a list of playground rules. Please be sure to go over these rules with your child(ren).


The wood chips, sand, and rocks should stay in their areas and should not be thrown.

There is no digging allowed in the dirt or grass or under the sidewalk.

Don’t play a game that involves grabbing, pushing, or hitting, wrestling or lying on other people or pretending to do this. In other words, keep your hands and body to yourself.

Stay where teachers can see you; if you can’t see them they can’t see you.

Get permission from a teacher before going inside for any reason.

When you are finished with a toy, put it away before you get out another toy. At the end of recess, bring in the toys that you brought out or not.

Do not use equipment that doesn’t belong to you without permission.

Kindergarten-eighth grade must stay off of the preschool equipment and out of the preschool area.

Tricycles are for preschool – Kindergarten and first graders at the teacher’s discretion.

When having lunch or eating snack outside, you must be sitting down and take care of all trash when finished.

Do not play with any biting or stinging bugs such as ants, bees, etc.

If you kick a ball over the fence twice, you will lose the ball.

No swinging, sitting, or climbing over the handrail.  No going under the handrail or jumping off of any walls.

Playing tag is only allowed on the grass area.


Trees and Foliage

No hanging on the tree branches or climbing.

Do not touch the berries or any other plants or flowers.


Basket Ball Hoops

No hanging or pulling on the net or the hoop.

Trikes stay off of the basketball court when others are using the hoops.



No jumping off the swing. Slow down and then step off.

Swing only on your bottom and straight, no twisting.

Do not walk between or under the swings while others are swinging.

Only one person on a swing at a time.


Spiral Slide

The slide goes down only, no climbing up it.

One person on the ladder and one person may slide at a time, facing forward and sitting down.

Once you are at the top of the slide go down right away so that others may have a turn.

Do not go off the side of the ladder.

Do not swing on the bar at the top.

No feet on the top of the bar.

Do not throw anything down the slide.



No jumping or swinging from one area to another.

No standing on the tall single pull up bar.

No sitting on the top of the monkey bars.

Do not grab someone that is on the bars; you might make them slip or fall.

One person at a time on the monkey bars.

The red bars are up only.

No blocking the tube, or climbing on top of it.

No jumping from the top of the landing.


Tether Ball

Do not pull or hang on the rope, pole or ball.


*These general rules are to be followed with mixed age groups, however, teachers may use their discretion when appropriate. Fifth – Eighth grade teachers have discretion in an upper grade only setting.



Technology refers to any electronic device including, but not limited to; computers, iPads, projectors, cameras, telephones, audio, and video devices. The use of technology is an integral part of education. Using technology at Christ Lutheran School is both a privilege and a responsibility. Misusing technology, whether devices belonging to the school or devices belonging to the student and/or family, may result in consequences such as, but not limited to, the loss of the privilege of using technology at Christ Lutheran School.


Students in second through eighth grades must have on file a signed copy of the Technology Usage Policy prior to the use of any technology at Christ Lutheran School.


Apple iPads will be a large part of the technology used to enhance education at Christ Lutheran School. In grade six and up students will have an iPad assigned to them for use both at school and at home. Rules for the use of those iPads will be contained in a separate Acceptable Usage Policy that must be signed prior to the student being assigned an iPad. Students in grades K-4 will be using iPads in a classroom setting only. Their use will be covered by the Technology Usage Policy mentioned earlier. Fifth grade students will, on occasion, be allowed to take iPads home to complete work they have started in class.


Use of Language and Images:  Sending harassing or derogatory messages, using files and E-mail to spread rumors, post anonymous messages or personal communications without the original author’s consent is prohibited.  Any use of the computer which demeans another person will not be tolerated.  No text, image, movie, or sound that contains obscene material or language that offends or degrades others will be allowed.


Use of Hardware and Software:  No student shall cause any damage to school equipment including hardware and software.  This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, the following acts.

Interfering with the work of another student or teacher.

Deleting, renaming, moving, copying or changing any file or its properties, other than his/her own personal files.

Degrading or disrupting the normal function of hardware or software.

Removing or exchanging any hardware or software component from any system.

Tampering with installed software and files.

Attempting to change passwords.

Tampering with any hardware.

Installing personal software on school technology equipment.

Installing, copying, or knowingly infecting a computer system with a virus.


Students may not use technology in such a way that it is disruptive or harmful to the teacher, students, classroom environment or Christ Lutheran School.


Privacy Notice:  The privacy of other people is to be respected.  Any invasion of privacy of another person is a violation of the school technology usage policy. Personal information of any kind about themselves or another person may not be transmitted.  This includes home telephone numbers and addresses as well as information regarding the location of any student.


Copyright Notice:  It is illegal to violate copyright laws.  Presenting work as your own that is not your own is clearly prohibited.  Copying of program files is prohibited except with the approval of a teacher.


Student Use:  Students are to use technology only as instructed by their teacher.  Students may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to resources, programs or on-line sites.  Students are expected to maintain individual computer settings.  Software, music files, games or backgrounds may only be downloaded with the permission of the teacher. Students may not use any Internet feature without the supervision of the classroom teacher, teacher’s aide or authorized parent volunteer.


Consequences for violations of the Technology Usage Policy:  If a student violates any of these provisions, their technology privileges will be suspended and future access could be denied.  If the offense is intentional, other disciplinary measures will be taken and could include suspension or expulsion.


Photo Release Policy

From time to time, pictures of students may be used to provide information to the community or to promote our school.  Possible uses may include, but are not limited to the following:


Bulletin boards

School newsletter

School yearbook

Class memory books

Local newspaper

Social Media/Christ Lutheran School website use

Any other use which Christ Lutheran Church and School deems appropriate


Such photographs and or videos shall be the property of Christ Lutheran Church and School which has the right to duplicate, reproduce, and make other uses as Christ Lutheran Church and School deems necessary. Names of students will not be attached to such photos/videos unless separate permission is given by the parent/guardian at the time of such use on a different form. Such images will be used or released by Christ Lutheran Church and School and by registering your child, you give consent to such uses.


If you do not wish for your child’s image to be used in the ways described above, you may sign a form denying Christ Lutheran permission to use your child’s image, which can be obtained in the school office.  This form will be kept on file in the school office for only one year.  Parents need to sign a new form every academic year that their child is enrolled.  Parents always have the right to update and change this at any time during the academic year. Permission from parents/guardians does not guarantee use of photos or videos of your child.


Any event that is considered a public event, such as concerts, church performances, etc., is considered public and therefore pictures or images may be shared on Social Media or other platforms, even if a form denying permission is on file.  Most public performances are live-streamed.



In order for students to participate in extra-curricular activities such as sports, they and their parents must read and sign the extracurricular activities covenant.  The covenant states that students must have a 70% average in all classes, they must attend all practices/meetings unless excused, and they must display proper behavior during practices/meetings and competition.  Failure to comply with the requirements of the covenant results in ineligibility for extracurricular activities for one week.  A full copy of the covenant can be obtained at the school office.