Students attend chapel service every Wednesday morning and religion classes, on the other days of the week. Our Bible program has three parts: a survey course of the Old & New Testaments; and a Catechetical curriculum that develops the tenets of Christianity; and through both a worldview program that teaches students the Biblical views of family and society and contrast them with other popular worldviews.

But it doesn’t stop there. We believe that God’s Word speaks to every area of life, and that the illusion of a sacred-secular split is a false ideology. Our greatest goal is to present the truth—in fact and in thinking and living. Our coursework includes an underlying Christian worldview because there is more to life than facts and figures. We believe that learning is being able to judge correctly and use appropriately the facts and formulas. It is knowing how to respond with Godly thinking to what is presented, in whatever form. It is having the tools to live a Christ-like life.

25 years of testing by the Nehemiah Institute reveals a steady decline in the worldview score of the average high school student who attends church, but also attends a public school. The trend reveals that most of these students today are heavily influenced by the philosophies of secular humanism and socialism when it comes to their thinking about politics, education, economics, religion, and social issues. At Christ Lutheran School, students are learning a worldview consistent with Biblical teachings and principles.

As a Christian Preschool, Christian Kindergarten, Christian Elementary School, and Christian Middle School we are teaching students to think and act in accordance to Scripture, whether they are studying math, science, literature, or history. Our purpose is to impact the heart of every student with the truth of the gospel, inspiring them to live out their faith.

We know the value of Christian Education and we endeavor to use this knowledge to benefit our students to the Glory of God.  We also realize that growth in knowledge cannot be equated with growth in wisdom. The development of wisdom is promoted in our school as children study God’s Word and learn about His creation from the perspective of our Christ-centered approach.


Christ Lutheran School Offers:

  • –  Weekly Chapel Programs
  • –  Bible Classes taught K-12
  • –  Daily Student Devotions
  • –  Biblical Worldview integrated into K-12 subjects
  • –  Community Service Programs
  • –  Daily Staff Devotion Time

Christian Education  Values

 Christian Community Values
Secular Community Values
Prepared to Serve
Prepared to Compete
Fulfill your calling
Fulfill your dreams
Truth is absolute, you pursue it
Truth is relative, you decide
Lose your life, then you will find it
Live for yourself
Celebrates – kindness, respect, modesty
Celebrates – independence, protecting your rights, sensuality
God is the only source of true meaning
God is irrelevant
The world is ordered and held together by a loving God
The world operates on the principle of random chance
The Word of God and the souls of men are eternal
Nothing is eternal and transcendent
Motivated by advancing the Kingdom of God
Motivated by personal gain
Life is a mission.  “How can I help?”
Life is a business transaction.  “What do I get?”

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