No appointment is needed. You may drop by for an informal introduction to Christ Lutheran School. An administrator will be available to visit with you and give you an opportunity to learn more about the programs Christ Lutheran School offers.
Come see us as we are! You may also schedule an Educational Success Consultation with an available administrator, where we can learn about your expectations for your child’s education, and you can learn more about the programs we offer at Christ Lutheran School. You will have the time you need to share your thoughts and ask questions at this meeting.

Please check in at the school office when you arrive.

Find the school across from Sandia High School



At Christ Lutheran School we encourage parents to bring their children to join a class for a day. Your child is invited to attend their potential new class and participate in the whole program for a day. We call this shadowing (K-8th Grade), which gives your children a chance to meet the teacher and other students and take part in the learning and the fun for a whole day. Please schedule with us by calling our school at (505) 210-3663 and providing us with your child’s name, age, and grade level.

We also encourage you to schedule an Educational Success Consultation with an administrator.

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