Most schools today offer a character development program. Unfortunately, in the absence of a moral law grounded in Scripture, character development simply falls flat. While many programs teach that “honesty is the best policy,” the Bible instructs us that honesty is the only policy. At Christ Lutheran School, we teach morality that is rooted in God’s Word, with a focus on loving and caring for others as Jesus instructed.

Christ Lutheran School endeavors to provide an environment conducive to the spiritual growth and development of young people who are not yet mature Christians. Christ Lutheran School has adopted the following Honor Code which it believes is supportive of the environment that will best promoted the academic, athletic, social, and spiritual welfare of the students:

    1.  I will abide by the rules and policies of Christ Lutheran School as detailed in the Student Handbook.
    2.  I will support the educational and Christian values established by Christ Lutheran School.
    3.  I will display good citizenship in my school and community.
    4.  I will respect authority.
    5.  I will respect myself, others, and property.
    6.  I will be honest and speak the truth.
    7.  I will demonstrate academic integrity.
    8.  I will exercise good judgement and sound reasoning.
    9.  I will be mindful of how and what I communicate with others.
    10.  I will assume responsibility for my attitude and actions.

To learn more about the benefits of a Christ centered education, schedule an Educational Success Consultation with our administrator.