At Christ Lutheran School in Albuquerque, our elementary program focuses on the development of the students’ skills in all academic areas. Our private elementary school curriculum includes English composition and literature, spelling, math, science, social studies, Christian education,  and cultural studies. Students take part in computer classes to enhance their knowledge and ability to compete in an ever-growing technological world. Our curriculum also offers lessons in art, music, and PE to enrich their abilities.

Special projects, contests, fairs and field trips at our private elementary school in Albuquerque are some of the techniques our teachers use to motivate our students to learn. Class sessions are followed with home practice and other tasks in order to reinforce the material learned in the classroom!

1st -5th Teaching Staff

1st 0753

Tanya Sainz

1st Grade Teacher
2hd 0920

Krista Stephens

2nd Grade Teacher

Julie Henderson

3rd Grade Teacher
4th 0457

Sarah Nixon

4th Grade Teacher
3rd 0022

Kimery Doyle

5th Grade Teacher