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Judge us by our results.  Established in 1988 with a Preschool, and growing through the years into a full K-8 Elementary & Middle School Christian academy in Albuquerque. Christ Lutheran School’s graduates are proof that we provide excellent Christian academics including the fine arts along with a full extra-curricular program. All of our teachers are licensed and average over 18 years of experience.  Christ Lutheran School holds  accreditation through National Lutheran School Accreditation, which is recognized by the state of New Mexico, and includes a full-time Church staff to augment the needs of the children and their families in our care.

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What does a Christ Lutheran School Graduate look like?

Dentists - Nurses - Engineers - High School Valedictorians - Missionaries - Film Production - Eagle Scouts - Armed Forces Members - Veterinarians - IT Specialists - Teachers - Public Health Services - Public Servants - Hotel Management - AP Scholars - Military Academy Appointments

Christ Lutheran School's graduates are proof that our culture, curriculum and teachers nurture students to spiritual maturity and prepare them for success in high school and beyond.

Christian School

Christ Lutheran School is a Christian School, serving children from 2 years old through the Eighth Grade. Our Albuquerque Christian academy families come from dozens of different churches in the area. Our desire is to come alongside Christian families in the training and education of their children. We also admit children from non-Christian families, recognizing the mission of the church to reach others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe the opportunities to share salvation outweigh the challenges that can arise due to social and religious differences, and these challenges present teaching moments for all of our students to learn how to share and defend their faith in a safe learning environment. All families need to understand that we are a Christian school and Christ is at the center of everything we do, and that it will impact not only our students but also their families.


A Biblical worldview is intentionally integrated into our Christian academy and early education curriculum and into the students’ day. This includes not only core content areas but also the specials (Music, Art, Physical Education, Spanish, Library, and Technology, etc.), extra-curricular activities, recess and events. The Scriptures are presented as the basis for all aspects of life. The Bible is used daily in our classrooms, and students participate in prayer and devotional activities.


Our history reflects the success of our core curriculum. Our graduates are thoroughly prepared to enter high school and find success in accelerated classes. Our annual standardized test scores reveal that Christ Lutheran students historically perform well above the national average.
Christ Lutheran School uses a traditional classroom approach and stresses an established and proven core curriculum for grades K-8 that includes:
- Daily Math
- Classic and Modern Literature
- Hands-on Science
- American and World History including Geography
- Research-based phonics instruction for reading
- Grammar and Spelling
- Emphasis on Solid and Effective Writing
- Religion and Memory Work


At Christ Lutheran School, our students engage not only in rigorous academics but also the fine arts, foreign language, library, physical education and extracurricular activities that encourage development and nurturing of all forms of gifts and talents:
- Spanish
- Art
- Library
- Music (Band, Choir, Recorders, Handbells, Chimes, Music Appreciation)
- Physical Education
- Technology
- American Sign Language

Our offering of sports is year-round. Girls’ volleyball, boys’ and girls’ golf, and boy's and girl's cross-country teams meet in the fall. Boys’ and girls’ basketball teams play in the winter months. Boys’ and girls’ track and field teams compete in the spring along with the spring season for boys’ and girls’ golf.


Christ Lutheran School is committed to providing the most current academic opportunities for students. A distinctive we offer is our STEM program (science, technology, engineering, and math) which is presented from a Christian perspective. Additionally, CLS provides technology that supports all content areas. Students have access to various applications offered through iPads and desktop computers. Each classroom is equipped with ipads and other technology and the entire school facility features safeguarded Wi-Fi access.


Christ Lutheran School holds dual accreditation from NLSA (National Lutheran School Accreditation) and the State of New Mexico Department of Education. Reaccreditation by NLSA was granted in May 2015. Accreditation holds Christ Lutheran School accountable to the highest standards available from both Christian and secular institutions and is a testament to our commitment to provide our Christian academy students in Albuquerque with a well-rounded, life changing experience.


Our teachers all hold licensure by the State of New Mexico, and over half of our teachers have Master’s degrees. Our teachers average over 18 years of classroom experience. They are Godly men and women whose first priority is to model a consistent, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Biblical conflict resolution has an intentional place in the training and lifestyle at Christ Lutheran School. Young Peace Makers, a nationally renowned program, is applicable to all aspects of our student life, whether it be the classroom, at special events, on the playground or in the hallway. We also make the basic concepts available to our parents so we can partner with them in the area of conflict resolution. How we treat others and resolve conflict is viewed through the lens of Scripture and is an integral part of their learning.


CLS students are exposed to leadership opportunities beginning in Kindergarten. Christ Lutheran School recognizes that a well-rounded education involves cultivating and producing leadership skills that will serve a lifetime.
Students in all grades have opportunities to speak and perform in front of an audience. Cross-grade level interaction encourages younger elementary students to begin developing their leadership skills as Reading Pals and Family Groups. Students also have the opportunity to lead Chapels in Worship and to serve on the Student Council.
CLS graduates are positioned to become leaders at every level of society and are equipped to model wisdom and a discerning moral compass in life situations.


Our robust financial aid program reflects our desire to work with all families regardless of their socio-economic diversity. Christ Lutheran School will award up to $77,000 in financial aid for the 2016-2017 school year. Scholarships are available to everyone on a needs basis. Christ Lutheran School desires to partner with families to make Christian education an option financially. To that end, many of our current families are receiving some form of financial aid. In addition, 100% of enrolled students receive a Legacy Scholarship of $1,500 for K-8, and between $200 and $1,000 for Preschool. Our admissions process is ongoing and open throughout the year. Applications are reviewed as we receive them, and financial aid is awarded on a first-come basis.


Instilling an appreciation for our heritage is celebrated throughout the year at Christ Lutheran School. We acknowledge the Christian roots upon which this country was founded by incorporating American History in our curriculum.
Our Christian academy students from the greater Albuquerque area start each day reciting our Pledge of Allegiance and the Pledge to the Christian Flag. Grandparents are honored on a special day in the Spring, along with Moms and Dads in recognition of our spiritual and familial roots. Veteran’s Day involves military members from throughout our community in a celebration of their service to our country and their sacrifice for our freedoms. Christ Lutheran School realizes we are given life and liberty by the Grace of God, and passing along an appreciation of our heritage is a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

What People Say

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“Christ Lutheran is a very caring, welcoming school with highly experienced, great teachers.”

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“The entire faculty and staff are fully committed to each child receiving the individualized attention necessary for success and to providing a solid foundation in moral values and character development.”

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“This school has a very high level of education. All the staff treat each child like family. We love the way they teach about the love of God.”

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“Christ Lutheran makes you feel like family.”

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“A great education in a Christian setting!”

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“Great academics with influence on religion, my kids are now in high school and are advanced in their academics. In respect to religion they are a year advanced when it comes to their Catholic catechism classes. Instead of 2 years to complete the classes it took them 1 year. Sports programs are a great start as well.”

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“Christ Lutheran School offers a Christ-centered education which in our view is the most important gift a parent can give a child.”

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“We have great teachers who are dedicated to helping students grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally. The school has a well rounded program.”

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“Christ Lutheran offered me a loving and Christ-centered environment from preschool to 8th grade. The staff taught me the importance of faith while still teaching the curriculum with as much experienece as teachers from the public schools. The rigors of Christ Lutheran prepared me not only academically but also spiritually for my walk in faith throughout high school and through the rest of my life.”

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“The atmosphere of the school embodies what it means to be a Christian. The faculty, staff, etc., are all very friendly and interactive. The importance of learning in a Christian environment while being safe is what CLS embodies.”

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“I feel our school offers a very good education and that the teachers all care about their students and give the individual attention needed to help their students do their best. I also like that Christ is the center of everything.”

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“The teachers, students, and staff are all amazing. Everyone there is truly there to help every child learn and be successful. I also like that the student to teacher ratio is smaller. Above all, Christ is taught in school!!!”

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“We love that our son is known by the teachers and gets more one on one attention from them.  I like the Christian environment as well.”

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“I love the small classes, emphasis on the church, inclusion of art, PE, computers, etc.  My son has had great teachers who truly care about the kids and what is best for them.”

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“Christ Lutheran provides a quality education, a small teacher to student ratio, christian atmosphere, and many recreational activities at the school.”

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“I Love the strength of the math and science programs, religious programs, and small class sizes. There is no fear of harassment or bullying, and I love knowing my kids are in very safe hands.”

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“Christ Centered! The education both my alumni and current student have/are receiving exceeds expectations.”

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“Christian based education. Close knit school. Well rounded students and faculty.”

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“…Teacher to student ratio and compassion and care from all staff. It feels like they enjoy being at work, working together and guiding our children on a day to day basis.”

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